In this new article series, professional and accredited photographer Gareth Christian ( shares his secrets to taking better photos. This month he’s helping you take better photos at weddings.


  1. Tip 1. Use what you know to read the play


Weddings are personal events, though most will follow a familiar format. This gives you the opportunity to “read the play” and be ready to capture gold.




For example, to capture a shot of the newlyweds in that ‘just married’ scenario where the guests are in the background and they are looking naturally happy, ask yourself:


‘When will they be “just married”?’ Right after the ceremony.

‘When will they look naturally happy?’ Walking back up the isle.

‘When will guests be in the background?’ Once they have walked past the last row of seating.


‘Where should I be to grab their attention and the shot?’ Just past the end of the aisle with the couple walking straight towards me.


Bingo. There’s your shot.


  1. Tip 2. Get an original angle


Most wedding photos by guests are from eye level, so to really create something memorable score yourself an original angle. To do so, try these tips:





  1. Tip 3. Use details to tell a story


Seek out details about the bride and groom and include these in your photos. For example, if it’s a wet day ask the groom to use his jacket to shelter the bride in a photo, or maybe you could convince some guests or the wedding party to create a fun image by posing with a pile of umbrellas. Or, if the couple met in a library or share a love of reading, and the venue has a wall of books, take advantage of this as a background option.


Weddings are full of details that are unique to the bride and groom. Some are small and subtle, while others are large and obvious. All of these original aspects are so important in separating this wedding from all others; so if you can successfully describe who the bride and groom are via the pictures you take, you’ll definitely be invited back to the next family function!


  1. Tip 4. Get group shots – but remember, friends and families are VIPs!






  1. Tip 5. Dealing with the Dark


The available light at weddings can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are relying on your automatic camera. So here are a few lesser known tips to help you get a better indoor or evening shot: