At the official launch of Miss Minit, Shoe Care Experts Kylee Young and Kate McArthur provided these tips for optimum shoe care:

How to I prevent my patent leather shoes from marking or scuffing?

Patent leather is leather that has been treated in the final stages of drying with a lacquer to give a high gloss finish. Before wearing patent shoes, always give them a shine over with a Miss Minit Microfiber cloth, which will hide marks and keep them looking glossy. High levels of heat can also cause havoc on patent leather shoes. When storing, always make sure there is a cloth separating your shoes, which will ensure the patent leather doesn’t stick together as they heat and cool.


The heel snapped off my favourite pair of shoes, can they be fixed?

In the majority of cases the heel blocks can be fixed, resecured or replaced. Take them to the nearest Mister Minit for a professional shoe inspection and friendly advice.


My shoes are a fraction too big is there anything I can do to stop them from slipping off?

Miss Minit Heel Grips can be inserted into the heel area of the shoe to stop heel from slipping off. The insertion of an innersole may also to stop shoe from slipping off.


How do I clean a pair of textile, satin or canvas shoes or running shoes that have grass stains?

Use Miss Minit Immaculate Clean to remove stains and dirt marks, then apply Miss Minit Water and Stain protector for the future.


My husband’s sport shoes always smell. Have you any suggestions?

When feet perspire the sweat produces bacteria, which often lives in the linings of the shoe.

Wash footwear first with antibacterial wash. Then leave outside to air and dry. Treat with natural antibacterial product such as Stay Fresh, which is made from natural silver salt. Treat on a regular basis to keep smells away.


How do I look after my metallic hand bags and shoes?

Metallic surfaces are a manmade film normally bonded to a leather base. Metallic renovating polish can be used to brighten and polish then protect with Miss Minit Water and Stain Protector or Miss Minit Shoe Shine Sponge.


My boot zipper is broken can this be replaced?

Boot zippers can be replaced in most boots. There is also an option to replace the runner with a clip on replacement called a Zlideon. The Zlideon is a relatively new invention and comes in a range of sizes to suit coil, plastic and metal zippers helping to repair a fraction of the cost to replace the full zipper. They may not be suitable in all cases where teeth are missing from the zipper.


The elastic for my shoe buckles has stretched making my shoes loose. Can these be fixed?

Yes, most elastic can be replaced on shoes by unstitching the shoe and replacing the worn elastic with new elastic and restitching. 


I have a favourite pair of boots are too tight and I want to cut them down. Is this possible?

For complex repairs, Mister Minit has a central shoe repair centre. Boots that are too tight can be split and elastic gussets or zippers inserted to increase the width of the calf area. Boots can also be cut down to make shorter or run in to make narrower.  


What is the best way to protect my shoes from rain?

The best way to protect shoes and boots from rain is to treat them with Miss Minit Water and Stain Protector prior to initial wear to guard against grime and watermarks.  Clean grime and dirt first with Miss Minit Immaculate Clean then protect shoes and boots with Miss Minit Shoe Shine Polish- this will keep leather soft, waterproof and restore lustre.  Treat every few weeks thereafter if wearing on a regular basis; reapply every 8-10 wears. There are a great range of products available for all protecting a range of leather materials.  


If my shoes do get wet, what is the best thing to do?

Then let them dry naturally at room temperature away from heat or direct sun. Pack them out with newspaper which will help draw out moisture inside the shoe. Once shoes have dried, the leather maybe become stiff; replace moisture with a leather conditioner.


I’ve just splurged on a beautiful pair of heels, how will I get the most out of them?

Protect your original sole with a Mister Minit anti-slip sole. This will prevent the original sole from losing its shape and prolonging the life of the shoe. Keep the leather soft by using a leather conditioner which replaces natural oils and maintains the lustre.


I love suede shoes but am worried about the upkeep, do you have any suggestions?

Suede and nubuck leather requires specific products. Apply a suede and nubuck cleaner to clear stains and dirt first. Try to prevent the stains in the first place by protecting with Miss Minit Water and Stain Protector on a regular basis. Suede brushes will lift dirt off the suede and ensure suede is laying in the same direction. Brush from the toe to the back of the shoe to lift the nap of the suede.