Studies Prove a Beautiful Smile Leads to Greater Success

For those of us who’ve been putting in overtime at work or considering going back to school to step up the career ladder, perhaps we should head to the dentist instead.


The validity of the findings may be subject of conjecture, but pulchronomics (“the study of the economics of physical attractiveness”) is now official—it has just been added to the Cambridge English Dictionary.[i]


The word was coined by economist Daniel Hamermesh, author of the book Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, which was published in April. His hypothesis is that those perceived to be attractive are more likely to receive better pay, negotiate loans with better terms and have more handsome and highly educated spouses. Of course, Hamermesh isn’t the only scientist to pose the hypothesis that the beautiful people receive advantages.

In 2011, a study by researchers at Rice University and the University of Texas investigated whether there is a ‘beauty premium’—whether attractiveness plays a role in the perceived trustworthiness and ability of a person. The key finding? Respondents trusted people who smile readily.

In the last year, three other studies have also rated dental aesthetics highly on the attractiveness scale and correlated straight, white teeth with such attributes as education, wealth and status.


A survey by the dental company Oral B of 2,000 Britons found that having whiter teeth makes you look more successful, more employable, more attractive and younger in the opinion of others.[ii] In Canada, the majority of people who answered the survey believe someone with straight, white teeth would get hired over someone with a less attractive smile.[iii]


A survey of more than 5,000 single adults in the US this year by dating website found that both men and women rated good teeth as the number one trait that they’ll judge a potential date on—higher than the type of car they drive, their hair style and even whether they have a fit body.[iv]

“Whether or not you agree with the notion of ‘judging a book by its cover’, it’s clear that it’s a trait of human nature.” says Dr Yvonne King, Australia’s only aesthetic dentist. “While it may seem unfair that ‘good looking’ people experience advantages, the great news is that everyone can improve the overall aesthetics of their teeth and then smile with confidence.”


Dr Yvonne King is the first Australian to gain a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry, graduating from the prestigious King’s College in London. “Not all dentists have the same education and experience to draw from—which can make a huge difference when it comes to designing and building a beautiful and functional smile for the patient,” says Dr King.    


Dr King is the author of the new ebook Guide to your New Smile[v], which explains the treatment options and provides a checklist to how to find a dentist who will achieve the best results for a ‘smile makeover’—it may be the key to career or dating success. Dr King owns, operates and practices from the Melbourne Aesthetic Dental Centre (