National survey reveals a sweet new trend in male behaviour


1. 53% of Aussie men use chocolate as a pick-me-up after a bad day, when lonely, suffering from man-flu or going through a break-up


2. Tradesmen are the biggest softies – with 83% turning to chocolate when in need of comforting


3. Men are twice as likely to break their diet for chocolate than hot chips or pizza


4. 30% of Australians eat chocolate more than 4-5 times per week


5. One in seven Aussies enjoy chocolate most when consumed in the bedroom!


Despite traditional perceptions, the 2013 National Chocolate Report has found Australian men to be serial comfort eaters who turn to chocolate when in need of an instant pick-me-up.


The third annual chocolate report commissioned by Max Brenner, has found 53% of Aussie men identify chocolate as a mood enhancer, using it as an aid for man-flu, a break-up, or when they are feeling lonely. Funnily enough, it’s those men you see at construction sites that are most dependant – with tradesmen 30% more likely than other men to indulge in chocolate to make themselves feel better.


Further challenging the stereotype, the report found that when watching their weight, Aussie men are almost twice as likely than women to break their diet for chocolate (45%) over savoury treats like pizza or hot chips (both 27%). Australian men and women agree on this though: if they were to break their diet for any food, it would be chocolate.


“Our Annual Chocolate Report has once again proven that Australia’s love-affair with chocolate is evolving rapidly,” says General Manager, Max Brenner Australia, Yael Kaminski. “Statistics show that, to the average Australian, chocolate is considered much more than just simply ‘food’, with men now having a stronger emotional connection to it. Whether enjoyed as a sweet treat or as a way to lift our spirits, there’s no doubt chocolate is becoming an integral part of the Aussie way of life.”


Whilst 30% of the nation indulge in chocolate more than 4 to 5 times per week, Canberrans are the biggest chocoholics of them all, with a lucky 25% consuming chocolate every day without fail (followed closely by 20% of Sydney-siders and 20% of Brisbanites). It’s the Melbournians however who see the merit in chocolate – with 57% indulging in it when feeling like a reward and a further 25% when they’re simply, happy!


Additional findings from the 2013 Annual Chocolate Report include:


1. One in seven Australians enjoy chocolate most when in the bedrooom!

2. 20% of Australians say chocolate is without a doubt their favourite food.
3. Aussies prefer to eat plain chocolate over chocolate flavour combinations (57%) however, if they had to pick one, chocolate + nuts (of any kind) is their favourite.
4. 18 – 24 year olds are the most likely age group to eat chocolate before lunch; while 6% admit to eating chocolate as their main evening meal.



The Max Brenner Annual Chocolate Report has found, since its inception in 2011:


1. We’re craving chocolate more than ever: 23% of Aussies now crave chocolate at least once a day, compared to 17% in 2012, and 19% in 2011.

2. Australians are eating chocolate more often: in 2011, 70% of Aussies consumed chocolate once a week or more, which has now grown to 78%.


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